The therapeutic process doesn’t have to be complicated. With the concierge model—it doesn’t even have to be clinically based. In the first appointment you’ll discuss why you’re seeking the assistance of a licensed mental health professional (now licensed in DC and in FL); you’ll be encouraged to identify strengths and solutions.  Treatment options will be covered and you can decide what fits.  From cognitive challenges to behavioral methods, using empty chairs, paper, sand or music, from emotive, narrative, or online journaling and file sharing options (and other more creative approaches to help you thrive), the choice is yours.  We’ll begin by tackling the problem — and end with a solution — together.



My expertise areas are PTSD, Stress and Anxiety, Relationship Counseling and Depression. As an eclectic clinical social worker, serving clients in private practice since 2005, and as a former professor, an author, a professional development trainer, and a consultant to other providers—an array of options to change, heal and thrive exists.   Register and schedule here or check availability now (many clients can be seen within 24 hours)!


With your goals in mind counseling will be focused.  Treatment plans are developed in the first meeting,  discussed in our second one, and your time here will be as brief as possible. The goal is to help you do more of what you want: to live life in the absence of therapy.  Read more here or click a photo for a topic of interest!



Now serving clients in traditional and non-traditional formats from both the District of Columbia and Florida! Professional counseling services are provided to DC clients in face to face sessions (conveniently located at the One Metro Center building where metro lines intersect—no walking, no parking).  My Florida clients are served digitally online with Clinical hypnosis and rapid resolution services available in Florida (limited to FL to comply with licensing standards). Concierge services and retreats are now available by special arrangements to all clients!  With an array of traditional and non-traditional treatment options available—mental health services are enhanced!  Register and schedule here or check availability now, and see my practice overview video here!

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. District of Columbia Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker . DC License #LC50081569 .

. Florida Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Clinical Hypnotherapist and CSW Qualified Supervisor  . Florida License # SW9297 .

. Member National Association of Social Workers  .



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